What is the Difference Between an HDD and SSD?

Today when reading tech specs you can find many things including operating system, bundled apps, built in ports, processor, graphics, size, and storage. Next to storage you will find the size and drive type either being SSD or HDD. But what does this mean and does it make a difference? Well keep reading to find out.

What is an HDD?

Hard drive disk or HDD is a optical disk in a rectangular box. The disk spins in the box under the head, which is a laser, that reads and writes data.

What is an SSD?

A solid state drive or SSD is a digital storage option where your data is saved on a microchip and sometimes, depending on the size, many microchips.


So those are the short definition of the two different types of drives. So below is a short test to see which is better.

Which is…

1. Quieter?

SSD: Without a spinning disk or any moving parts at all SSD are a lot quieter.

2. Quicker?

SSD: Once again with out the need to spin a disk to gather data instead all the data is connected to the computer at the same time, compared to a HDD which can only read at the speed that the laser and disk can move.

3. Smaller?

SSD: With no mechanical parts like the disk spinner and head of an HDD these chips can be manufactured smaller making them ideal for slimmer mobile computers like the MacBook.

4. Generally last longer?

SSD: Just like the other three with less moving parts less can go wrong.

5. Use Less Power?

SSD: No moving parts of an SSD use less power than an SSD because there is no disk to spin and no laser to burn. Although most drives will need a power source other than your computer if it is not made to be portable.

6. Physical disk?

HDD: Unlike a microchip of an SSD an actual hard rive can be easier to manipulate, take apart, and use.

7. “Physical Data”?

HDD: With the data of an HDD laser burned into the disk it gives it a more physical feel to it.

Have any other ways to compare them let me know in the comments below

Solid State Drive: 5 Points

Hard Disk Drive: 2 Points

So by reading this you should assume that SSD are better than HDD and that is the case. As of 2018 SSD are relatively new which make them more expensive. Also since it is so new the technology has not had time to progress and evolve so still currently the largest storage option you can get is 1TB but you will most likely find a better deal on HDD. There are some larger options but they are rare and rather expensive. But for now it is still something to look into.

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