Internet Service Provider

What is an ISP

Internet Service Provider, or ISP, is a company like Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, or AT&T that provides your internet either through coaxial (cable), DSL (telephone), or fiber cables. If you do not live near a wired connection you might need satellite internet like HughesNet, although satellite internet is not the best option due to it’s data caps, slow speeds, high price, and unreliability. If you have the option of a wired connection I would recommend that you consider it first before thinking about satellite internet.
Depending on where you live you may only have one to two options, if you live in a larger city you may have more. Click Here to find a list of ISPs that operate in your area using (United States Only).

What is a Modem

With wired connections to your home many signals travel through coaxial, DSL, and fiber wires including phone, tv, and internet. The job of the modem is to pick out the internet signal to allow it to be used by your network enabled devices.


Most, if not all, ISPs allow you to rent a cable modem from them for a monthly rent fee. The good thing about renting your modem is that you know it’s the right one and if it breaks or stops working, which at some time it will, you will receive a new one at no new cost other than the usual monthly fee. The problem with the rental fees is that it can increase your monthly bill. For less then your yearly cost of renting the modem you can buy one of your own. Although some companies like AT&T require that you rent your modem through them and don’t allow you to purchase a 3rd party.

3rd Party Modem

Each of these companies will require a specific modem. Since each ISP uses different cables and encode their internet signals differently you have to make sure that the modem is made specifically for your ISP. You also must take into account the speed that you have purchased form your ISP. Many modems are made for different speeds, so make sure that the modem that you purchase is compatible with yours. Most ISPs on their website have a list of supported modems they follow this criteria so So here is a checkoff list of things you need to find in a modem:

  1. Does your modem support your ISP
  2. Is your modem compatible with your data speeds

Once you get your modem you will need to install it. Plug in the cable cord into the car of the modem, then plug an ethernet cable into your wireless router or computer. Once it is all plugged in call your ISP to get it activated.

So if you don’t want to pay the fee, but also don’t know what your looking fill out the form below and Apple Guide will find some option for you.


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