Wireless Charging Receiver

Excerpt from: “Guide to Wireless Charging

Built into mobile phones that are compatible with wireless charging is a coil receiver in the back under the frame. If this is the case for you then this section is not important for you be cause all of this work has been done by the manufacturer for you. This receiver is what you place over the charging pad so it can receive the power from the charging pad and send it to your phone’s battery.
So how do you fix this problem in an iPhone that does not have a receiver? Check out Amazon they sell charging receivers pads. I recommend purchasing one that works on the Qi standard since it is the most popular charging standard and it’s the standard that Apple uses. These pads plug into the lightning port at the bottom of your phone and fold top the back of your phone. Being thin as paper you can place it in between your case and phone then plug the lightning plug into you phone. There you go.

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