Single Sign-in

When you use a mobile app like NBC or FOX you need to sign in to your cable provider over and over again, which is a hassle. Having to go in to a website, type in a code, then sign in to your provider is a pain and a lot of work when all you want to do is sit down and watch some TV. This is where Single sign in is great. Sign in to your provider once in settings and never have to do so again, as long as you have a single sign in supported cable company with a video streaming app that also supports single sign in.


How to sign in to single sign in?

On iOS open “Settings” then scroll down to “TV Provider”. Now choose your provider form the list and sign in using your cable login.

On tvOS open “Settings” then go to “Accounts”. Now click on “TV Provider” and choose your provider from the list now sign in using your cable login.

Finding Apps that Support Single Sign in

With a large list if internet streaming apps it can be hard to find ones that work for you using your cable login. Click here to see a full list of apps that support single sign in .

Helpfull Links:

Apple Support: Use single sign-on with your iOS device, Apple TV 4K, or Apple TV (4th generation)

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