Apple Event Sept. 2021: Rundown & Playlist

Today, Apple had their Special Event where they announced the latest iPads, Apple Watch, and iPhones here are my thoughts. 


The standard iPad continues to be the best deal at $329. Really, the only update is the A13 chip which should speed things up. It’s still a great options especially when compared to a Chromebook or PC at that price. The new iPad can be ordered today and delivered on Sept. 27. 


The iPad Mini also got an update for the first time since 2019. This updated Mini is basically a shrunken 2020 iPad Air with the new A15, also found in the new iPhone 13. This means USB-C, 2nd Gen Apple Pencil, smaller bezels, Touch ID, etc. The Mini can be ordered today and delivered on Sept. 27. 


Next was the Apple Watch Series 7, but there’s not much to talk about here other than the screen going closer to the edge of the screen. It will be available later this fall. 


Now, we have to talk about the Apple Watch’s annoying lineup. Apple, why is the Series 3 from 2017 still sold? It’s so out of date compared to the rest of the lineup and is way to expensive. If you’re going for the cheapest Apple Watch get the Apple Watch SE. 


Next was the iPhone 13. Obviously, this was an “S” year. Compared to last year’s iPhone 12, the 13 had it’s cameras rearranged, notch shrunk an unnoticeable amount, and a couple of baby updates most people won’t notice. 


The 13 Pro, on the other hand, is a big upgrade. All the cameras are new and improved, the A15 is faster, and the high refresh rate will make using the phone feel snappy. 


So, this is the new iPhone lineup:

-iPhone 13 Mini: $699

-iPhone 13: $799

-iPhone 13 Pro: $999

-iPhone 13 Pro Max: $1099

-iPhone 12 Mini: $599

-iPhone 12: $699

-iPhone SE: $399

-iPhone 11: $499


The iPhone 13 will be available for pre-order on Sept. 17 and available on Sept. 24


My iPhone recommendation: Skip on the iPhone 13. If your desperate for the latest and greatest, get the 13 Pro. Otherwise, stick with the iPhone 12. If you want a mini get the 13 Mini for it’s better battery performance. Anything under the 12 is still a great option if your looking for something that will better fit your budget. 


Check out the videos below to learn more:

Full Event:

Quick Summery:



Apple Watch Series 7

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