Apple Guide Talks: Ep 1 – What’s Up With the iPhone 12

Hello and welcome to the first episode of the Apple Guide Talks Podcast where we cover a wide range of tech and simplify it for the average consumer. I’m your host Ralph Shepherd and with my co-host Eli Piper. Join us today’s as we discuss Linus from Linus Tech Tips getting a Mac Mini, How Strong are the iPhone 12 Magnets, and Theaters are dead. Then stay tuned till the end for a sneak peek into this week’s Apple Guide post!

Apple Silicon is Coming

At Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) they announced its Macs would be moving away from using Intel processors as the brain of the machine. Instead, they will transition into creating their own processors like they do in all of their other product lines.

In preparation for the transition, Apple shipped Mac Minis to qualifying developers to optimize their apps for the upcoming computers.

On This Topic

  • Why is this so important?
  • How good are these Mac Minis?
  • Why do these Mac Minis not matter?


How strong are iPhone 12 magnets?

Magsafe has given a new life with the new iPhone 12. In addition to wireless charging, Magsafe opens the door for accessories. Which then brings the question: How strong are the magnets?

Theaters are Dead

During the covid-19 pandemic movie theaters have undoubtedly struggled. But, is there any hope for a comeback? Can modern TVs and sound systems replace the traditional theater?

This Week on Apple Guide

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