Apple Watch Series 4: The Smart Watch for the Older Generation

Apple released a new Apple Watch Series 4 the past September, and you’re probably thinking the same as I did, “Here we go again with another new Apple Watch. What’s new?” Although this time there were some changes that I think make this probably one of the best Apple Watch versions made so far but not for the kids. Now you may be thinking “Apple Watches are for kids who want all of their notification on their wrist and stuff”. That all may be the case but there is one other group of people that may also benefit from this upgrade and that would be the older generation. Now hear me out…



Apple Watch Series 4: Playing basketball

The watch has been great for health. You can track your workouts and collect data from them. As you get older becomes more and more important for you to exercise so that you don’t become weak. By using the watch you can set up goals to make sure that you’re exercising the correct amount daily.


Apple Watch Series 4: ECG

You have a higher risk of heart issues as you grow older. Unlike previous versions of Apple Watch, this new one has all new heart rate sensor that is supposedly more accurate. So accurate that during the keynote the President of the American Heart Association came on stage and endorsed the watch stating that it was the first, most accurate, over the counter heart rate monitor that is currently sold on the market (Click here to learn more at The American Heart Association was not alone in endorsing the Apple Watch, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) did too. That the hardware side of things now let’s talk about the software Apple made for it.

Just like like before you can see the dot chart of the data the monitor collects on your watch then that data syncs to your iPhone. That’s where iOS 12 comes in. In the health app you can, like before, see all of the data that your watch and other device and apps have collected. Now you have the power to sync that data with your medical provider. But before you even get to the doctor your watch can tell you if your heart is beating in a normal pattern or your in AFib, which can cause many other heart problems

So imagine this your working in the yard and suddenly your chest starts hurting. Soon it blows over but your still stop working and go inside curious of what has happened to you. When you go to the doctor you describe the issue but they can not be for sue on what happened. Now if you were wearing the Apple Watch at the time of your incident, you can provide your doctor with rather accurate data to better diagnose the issue.


As I said earlier, as you get older your body gets weaker which also makes you more prone to falls. We have all seen those LifeAlert commercials “HELP I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T GET UP”. We tend to laugh at them because of the bad acting, but in reality, falling is not a joke. Falling the wrong way could be deadly. With an all-new accelerometer and gyroscope, the Series 4 can detect falls. If you fall and your watch catches you will feel a vibration on your wrist along with a notification asking if you’re ok. If you can get back up you tap on “I fell, but I’m OK button. Now if you can’t get up you can slide across and enable SOS mode. SOS mode will then send your current location to your emergency contacts and have emergency service sent to your house. If you don’t respond to the notification in 60 seconds and the watch still scenes immobility then SOS mode will automatically be activated.


Hearing is another thing that we lose as we get older. Vibrations on our phones give us another way to notify us if incoming calls, text, and so much more. But if you don’t have your phone in your hand your not going to notice that incoming call or message. Well with the Apple Watch you can always feel the vibration of all of your important notifications on your wrist. This brings me to how well can you see the screen?

Larger Display

Apple Watch Series 4: New Modular Watch Face

The display on the new watches is 30% larger than previous generations. With the edge to edge OLED, it is easier to view what is displayed on your wrist. Although there is a larger display it can use the same watch bands as previous generation of Apple Watches.

Now I am no medical professional all I know is what other scholars said they have been able to achieve with this watch. I don’t know about you, but to me, some of this seems pretty convincing to me.

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