What New: AppleTV 4K

Also today Apple released the AppleTV 4K which adds support for 4k HDR. Apple has upgraded the whole user interface along with the aerial screen savers in 4K HDR. Apple has worked to get all of the big filmmakers to offer their 4K content on iTunes at the same price as HD. If you have purchased a film in HD that it now supports 4K Apple will upgrade it to 4K HDR at no additional cost.

The AppleTV 4K runs an A10x that’s is found in the iPad Pro. Apple says that the new AppleTV has 2x the CPU performance and there is 4x faster GPU performance. The Apple TV app is also getting an upgrade by adding support for 7 new countries. The new TV app also supports live streaming sports.


  • AppleTV 32GB – $149
  • AppleTV4K 32GB – $179
  • AppleTV4K 64GB – $199

Pre-order starts on October 15 and they will start shipping September 22

Should you get one?

I don’t recommend getting one if you already have an Apple TV 4th generation. This is because other than the speed improvements with the A10 compared to the A8 and 4K HDR compared to 1080p there is no difference between the two. They both run the latest version of tvOS and still work great. I would only recommend upgrading to the Apple TV 4K if you have a 4K HDR tv because you will be able to take advantage of the higher quality. I would also recommend upgrading to a newer Apple TV if you are using a 3rd generation or below because great stuff awaits you with the new tvOS like an App Store. If you are in the market for a new Apple TV but you still have a 1080p HDTV I would recommend that you get the 4th generation Apple TV because there is no need unless you have it to spend $30 extra for features that are not available to you.

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