New Storage Features in iOS 11

iOS 11 has brought a wide range of new features most notably the new features that help users manage their iPhone or iPad storage like recommendations and a status bar like what is found on the desktop version of iTunes. Keep reading all the ins and outs of the new storage features.

How to Manage Storage on your iPad or iPhone

Who ever you are no matter the storage size do you ever wonder what happened to all of your space on your iPad or iPhone or how to make sure that you don’t get to that point? Well wonder no more.

How to trim videos on iOS

Everyone loves taking videos with the great cameras in the iPhone and iPad. After taking the video you may find that the video is much longer than it needs to be. In that case all you need to do is trim it. To do this you don’t need to download any special, top quality, pro level software because you can just use the Photos app or the free iMovie extension.

Optical vs Digital Zoom

Newer iPhones and many others now have two camera. So whats the purpose? Well the simple answer is one’s a digital zoom and the other is an optical zoom. And that means what? Click to find out…

What is iOS 11 Quick Setup

Quick Setup or Automatic Setup can make setting up a new or recently restored iOS device easer and quicker by automatically copying most if not all of your settings from a previous device that is already setup to a new or recently restored device. To do this you will need two iOS devices including your … Continue reading What is iOS 11 Quick Setup

How to back up your iPhone or iPad

Its important to backup all of your data on your iPad and iPhone. If something happens to your iOS device weather you loose it at sea or drop it and it shatters into a million pieces you have important stuff on your mobile devices that you don’t want to loose. So here are the top methods for backing up your data.

Safari: Content Blockers

Content Blockers were introduced to block different objects in Safari. Some content blockers block ads and some block certain keywords. They can block all sites with the word Trump or Hillary in them or block ads on a site. Would you rather pay a monthly membership for each site you visit or view a few … Continue reading Safari: Content Blockers

Whats New: iOS 11

During Apple's September 2017 Special Event they announced the release date of iOS 11 to be September 19. Included are so many new features.

Apple Special Event September 2017: What We Expect vs. What Really Happened

It’s Tuesday September 12, 2017 and it’s time for Apple to unveil some new tech gadgets.