Setting up iOS with an iPhone Xs Max

Setting up an iOS device can seem like a daunting task, but with the simple wizard and these directions, you can get through it!

macOS Mojave System Requirements and How to Update

macOS Mojave was released in September is your Mac compatible? If so how do you update? Click to find out.

FaceTime and Messages New Camera Effects and More with iOS 12

iOS 12 is here along with it are special effects with iOS’s cameras including FaceTime and Messages and so many other new things.

What is iMessage and How to Manage Settings

iMessage, a messaging service built into the Messages app on your Mac and iPhone. They are blue messages that you send or receive from other Apple users. Different than SMS, they require an internet connection via your data plan or Wi-Fi.

How to Back Up Your iOS Device’s Data

All of your data contacts, calendar, files, and so so much more on your phone can be so precious and with a large smash all of your iPhone all of your data could be gone. Protect your data by backing it up to an other place. Click to see some of your options.

Managing your Mobile Data

When the smartphone was first released this idea of counting gigs was not a thing, instead, cellphone carriers had you counting your talk minutes and texts. Fast forward to today and that option is no longer profitable for the cellular companies and instead has been replaced with data. Click to learn how to manage this data…