CDs and DVDs Today

Today, as of 2018 and the foreseeable future, CDs and DVDs seem to be on the decline. All Macs no longer ship with a SuperDrive, Apple’s CD and DVD drive, Windows PC is starting to pick up on the trend too. So what happened? In an attempt to make devices, especially laptops, thinner computer manufacturers have opted to drop the drive. Although today how often do you find your self using a CD or DVD? Now they have all been replaced by online streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, iTunes and so many others There are endless possibilities to buy an find the content that you want to watch online so why get a physical copy? That’s why many are moving away from physical storage options.

Buy a CD and DVD Player Today!

If your computer docent already has one there are few options to purchasing one.

External Apple Superdrive

Apple’s External Superdrive is not the best option because it only works on Macs that do not have a built-in Superdrive, so if you have a Mac that has a built-in Superdrive or any Windows computer this option will not work. Another set back of this option is in this world of the growing USB-C cable, this SuperDrive only has one option which is USB-A which cannot be removed from the drive making it not forward compatible.

3rd Parties

An alternative would be to find a 3rd party on Amazon. The following below are all compatible with both macOS and Windows.

Since the drive is not by Apple you will not be able to use the DVD player app, instead, you will need to install VLC Player (Click to download) in order to watch a DVD.