Do Not Disturb on iOS

There is always a need for quiet time, a time to unplug and read a book or take a nap without the distraction of constant notifications. This is where Do Not Disturb comes to the rescue. When you want that peaceful time just toggle it on or set it to a schedule. When do not disturb is enabled a crescent moon will appear in the top right alongside other status icons.


To get to do not disturb settings on iOS go to Settings>Do Not Disturb. At the top, you have the option to toggle it on or off which you can also do from the control center by swiping up from the bottom and clicking on the moon. To turn it off flip the switch in settings or tap the control center shortcut. Under that option, you can set it to a preferred time to enable and disable. To do so enable “Scheduled” under that appears a “From:” and “To:” times which you can change by tapping on it and use the scroll through to your selected time. Furthermore, you can edit how phone calls come through with your options being “Everyone”, “No One”, or “Favorites”, or choose a contact group of people. The last option “Repeated Calls” will allow the phone call of someone who has called twice a call to go through.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

The last group of options is “Do Not Disturb While Driving” which a great new feature added with iOS 11. Do Not Disturb While Driving is a limited form of Do Not Disturb, phone calls will use the same settings as regular Do Not Disturb, messages will still come through but not notify but instead give you the option for an optional auto-reply which I will explain later, and timers and alarms will still go off.
You can choose how to let your phone know that your driving by changing the “Activate” setting. Your options are “Automatically” which will automatically enable once your phone has detected quick movement, “When Connected to Car Bluetooth” will automatically enable once your iPhone connects to your car’s Bluetooth enabled radio, that being the case this option only works on cars that have Bluetooth and your iPhone automatically connects to, the last option is “Manually” which will have you toggle it on in control center before driving. If interested in using this feature I would recommend using the “Automatically” option due to the fact that does not require Bluetooth like “When Connected to Car Bluetooth” and you don’t have to remember to enable it like the “Manually” option, if enabled while you’re the passenger you can easily disable it by clicking the home button and answer the question “Are you sure you’re not driving?” Or dismiss the notification with “I’m Not Driving”. If someone sends you a message while you have Do Not Disturb While Driving is activated there is a default auto-reply that explains to the sender that you are driving an will get their message once you stop. You can choose to only allow certain people to get this auto-reply like “No One”, “Recent”, “Favorites”, and “All Contacts” choosing from the “Auto-Reply To” list. If the message is very important the sender can reply to the auto message “urgent” and messages from this sender will start coming through. 

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