Apple Guide Talks: Ep 4 – Apple Should Get Back into Advertising?

Hello and welcome to the Apple Guide Talks podcast! I’m your host Ralph Shepherd with my co-host Eli Piper. Join us today as we discuss if Apple should re-enter the advertising market and I got the iPhone 12 and Eli has some questions.

Apple Advertising

When the App Store first launched Apple also launched iAd, their own advertisement service to rival Google’s AdMob. It also a way for Apple to also standardize ads in apps on the iPhone. Throughout 2016 Apple slowly brought the service to a close. However, iAd still runs in the background of Apple News and in App Store search results.

Today Apple has multiple services like Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News, and possibly a search engine. Is there room for Apple to bring back iAd and make a free ad-supported tier for their services and provide it to developers to include in their apps?


2010-16: iAd
Today: App Store Search, Apple News Ads

  • Used in all of Apple’s services (free versions of tv, arcade, fitness), Apple’s search engine?
  • Security and privacy compared to Google
  • For developers to promote their apps where people can download the app from the ad
  • Use App Store preview video
  • Creates a common template
  • Easy for developers to implement
  • Advertisers know where their ads are going
  • 70% to developers
  • Cross-platform advertising

iPhone 12 Q&A

iGot an iPhone 12 and Eli has some questions for me! For more on my opinions of the iPhone 12:

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