How to Talk or Schedule an Appointment with Apple

Apple is known to have the best customer service. But how do you talk to them? Here are the steps on how to contact or set up an appointment.

Step 1

Go or from the Apple homepage and click on the “Support” tab on the top menu

Step 2

Click on “Contact Support” on the submenu on the right below the main menu

Step 3

Click on either “Get Help under “Talk to us or on “Set up a repair” under “Get a Repair

Step 4

Now choose your product that you need assistance with from the list. For a more personalized experience look under the list and click on “See Your Products”. Next sign in using your AppleID. Now that you have signed in a list of your devices will appear and you can choose which one you need help with.

Step 5

Now that you have selected your product to navigate through the topics until you get to the “How would you like to get help?” page. Now all of your contact options including Bring in for Repair, Send in for Repair, Chat, Schedule a Call, or Call Apple Support Later. Depending on what you need help with some of these options may not be available.

Step 6

Start chatting and get your questions answered.