No Accessories with iPhone 12

According to rumors, there is a chance that Apple will be removing accessories including headphones and chargers from the box of the not yet released iPhone 12. This may seem radical but that’s also what we thought when Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone. Let’s take a look at what this world would look like if the rumors are true. What would a world look like without accessories in the box?

To explain this let’s look at how purchasing an iPhone 12 may be different. Please remember when reading this that this is all speculation. What Apple decides to do in the end is up in the air.

So your going to to check out your new iPhone 12.You click the iPhone tab and choose the iPhone 12. Now it’s time to customize your phone. Choose the color, storage, and the cell phone carrier. After clicking continue this is where things start to change. Instead of the iPhone going straight to your shopping cart and checking out, you have to choose your accessories.

First, with no charger in the box would you like one on the side? If so Apple may let you choose between one of their options: slow speed charger (5w), medium speed charger (12w), or fast speed charger (18w). Each charger would come with its respective charger cable. You could also get the option for a wireless charger. Since Apple still doesn’t have an Apple-branded wireless charger you would be offered a different brand that Apple sells like Belkin. The different charger options give buyers a choice rather than being stuck with what’s in the box or having to buy a different one later. This would also give you the option to not include a charger at all. Now, why would you not want a charger in the box? If your upgrading from an iPhone 5 or newer then you already have a charger that will work with your new iPhone. This is also for the people who prefer buying a charger from a 3rd-party like Anker or AmazonBasic.

The next step is the headphones. You can choose from any of Apple’s headphones like the basic EarPods, AirPods, or any pair of Beats. Lastly, you can choose not to include headphones at all. Why would you want to do this? If you already have headphones with a lightning connecter like Apple’s EarPods or have Bluetooth headphones you can easily carry them over to your new iPhone.

That’s the last part of the checkout. One thing that I haven’t talked about is the price. Once again nothing is for sure, but I can see Apple making the starting price for the iPhone cheaper, around $50 cheaper to make up for not having a charger or headphones in the box. As for the price of the chargers and headphones maybe they will be a little cheaper when you bundle them during checkout. By using the charger and headphones you already have it could cut the cost of the expensive phone considerably.

None of this is for sure. This is all based on my opinion after hearing the rumors. We will have to see how Apple plans to play this out. Personally I can see this as a good thing. Now you won’t feel like your paying for two chargers just because you want a fast charger or pay for EarPods in the box when you already spent $130 for AirPods.

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