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USB-C vs. Thunderbolt 3

They look the same but aren’t the same. So then what’s the difference between USB-C and Thunderbolt 3?

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Guide to Charging

Everyone wants their mobile tech charged and fast. To do this its important to know your charging options because all chargers are not created equally. The speed add depends on the adapter or commonly referred to as the plug. This is the part that you plug into the wall and most of the time has a USB port on one side of it. Here I will be writing only about the power adapter sizes that Apple sells on their website.


Understanding Apple’s Battery Issues

People have been asking this question for years “Does Apple slow down my phone when I update my older phone?” Now we have the answer of Yes. Now with out knowing the facts behind this decision you are probably angry at Apple and thinking about buying another phone like a Samsung Galaxy or just a new iPhone. But wait a minute and it will all make sense.

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Anker Ultra Compact Slim Profile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

I recently purchased the Anker Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard from Amazon. I purchased it to replace my aging 1st Generation Apple Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. It’s a great low budget keyboard and I love it.

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All About: iCloud

Apple’s iCloud helps to sync all of your important data and sync it throughout all of your iCloud devices. So here is everything you need to know about your online storage. 

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Safari: Content Blockers

Content Blockers were introduced to block different objects in Safari. Some content blockers block ads and some block certain keywords. They can block all sites with the word Trump or Hillary in them or block ads on a site.Would you rather pay a monthly membership for each site you visit or view a few friendly […]

Camera Profiles iPhone

Camera Profile: iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is an amazing phone. Its speed and process power is the fastest on the market. Although it doesn’t stop at speed it also has an amazing Cameras. Yes that’s right cameras.

AppleTV What? and Why?

What Makes the Apple TV Different?

There are less expensive options out there compared to the Apple TV like the the Roku product line, Amazon Fire, or Google’s Chromecast.  Each of these brands offer affordable options in a smaller more portable HDMI stick that can do a lot of the same things. So what makes the more expensive Apple TV a better product?

Camera Profiles

Camera Profile: Panasonic DMC-LX5

Panasonic DMC-LX5: Review Coming Soon

Camera Profiles

Camera Profile: GoPro Hero 3

GoPro Hero 3: Review Coming Soon