Survival of the Point and Shoot: Episode 1: Richard Petty Garage

On September 30, 2017 a car show was hosted at former Nascar driver Richard Petty’s garage in Level Cross, North Carolina. The event was called “Petty’s Garage Celebration of Speed”. For this event car enthusiast were encouraged to come show off their super cars. They had a wide range of categories including American muscle, European, vintage race cars, and classic motorcycles. Over 400 vehicles  were expected to make an appearance. They worked with Greensboro, North Carolina’s  Foreign Cars Italia to bring in some beautiful cars. All attendees were able to vote on their favorite car from each of these categories.

For this event I shot with an:

and below are the results.













Over All Views

I was very surprised by how well each of these cameras performed in the harsh conditions. This day was very sunny with very little cloud cover so the sun was reflecting off of the cars and camera displays quite a bit. The iPhone 7 Plus was able to use this to its advantage with High Dynamic Range (HDR) mode like in image number 7 with the sun rays coming down from the top of the car. The X100s shot very well when the exposure was correct which was my fault most of the time. The Panasonic was the hardest in my opinion to shoot with. It was extremely hard to get the focus correct. The hardest part was the fact that there is no view finder (although one can be purchased separately). Instead you’re forced to use the back display that has a terrible reflection in the sunlight. This make its almost impossible to know what you are really shooting. The iPhone 7 Plus on the other hand has a brighter display which can reduce glare and the touch screen display makes it easier to pick out the focus points.


1st: iPhone 7 Plus

2nd: Fujifilm X100s

3rd: Panasonic DCM-LX5

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