Review: Anker USB-C 2-in-1 Card Reader

Small, compact, portable, awkward, rectangular are some ways to describe this Anker 2-in-1 USB-C card reader.

This Anker card reader fits with any variant of SD and mini SD including SDHC, SD Card, RS-MMC, MMC Micro, Micro SD, Micro SDHC, and Micro SDXC. Now in an age of dongles and the lack of an internal SD card reader on newer MacBooks in favor of USB-C, this may be the option for you. Being so small with no extension cables, a super solid design with its total metallic chassis makes it easier to be portable, making it a great way to import or export pictures and other data to an from SD cards while on the go.

USB-C makes this work with almost any USB-C port. If you have a smartphone with USB-C, like a newer android, you can use this to export some of your data like pictures, to an SD card to free up space. Then you can use it to plug into the USB port on your computer and import your pictures there. Being USB-C this adapter should work with any newer technology purchased in the foreseeable future.

With every adapter comes its flaws. The biggest problem is the shape. If your planning on using it with your Android you will have to remove your case so that it can be plugged in all the way. The MacBook is where the design really struggles. Since it is so wide, due to the fact that an SD card has to slide into it, it ends up using one port and covering the USB-C port next to it. Some users may find this annoying since they only have four ports to use, to begin with. Ideally, you would use this on the right side of your computer so the SD ports are pointing towards you, but if you have to use the right side, thanks to USB-C, you can flip it so that the ports are once again facing you. In my opinion adapters like these, where something large has to be plugged into it, it would be better to make it a dongle. But don’t let this through you off, if you travel or don’t use all of the ports on your computer then maybe you might want to consider this adapter.

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