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A lot of tech comes through the Apple Guide studio, and as much as I would love to keep it all, sometimes you just have to let go. I also make house calls to local Winston-Salem homes and business offering a wide range of IT support. Occasionally, during those visits people choose to retire their devices in favor of the hottest new item.

It would be such a shame to throw away perfectly good tech that someone else may have a need for, especially those on a budget. Besides, it’s alternative, becoming e-waste, reeks havoc on the environment because it can only be broken down so far in an expensive recycling process. The best option we have right now is to use our technology as long as possible. You can learn more about e-waste from the US EPA.

PC Buyers Guide

Computer Defaults

Each computer ships with the most up to date operating system the computer originally shipped with, along with 128GB of SSD storage. If you need more storage or a different operating system you can make those modifications upon checkout. Or learn more about these options below.

Computer Grades


A home grade computer is perfect for people who stick to the internet, checking their email, Google docs, YouTube, etc. Most of these computers will consist of Chromebooks and older Windows and Macs.


A business grade computer is great for most people. It can breeze through the web and support a wide range of apps like Microsoft Office. It’s the perfect device for both home and business.


Professional grade computers are perfect for people who have powerful workflows with super intensive apps. This includes creative video editors, photographers, programming, etc. 

Form Factor


Laptops are a great option for those who are constantly on the move and want to keep an all-in-one portable setup. 


A PC tower is a great option for those who want a stationary workstation setup. With a tower, all you get a box that holds the computer essentials. This allows you to choose all of your accessories like a monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.


An All-in-One is also a great option for those who want a stationary workstation. The benefit of an All-in-One is having the computer built into the screen lessening the number of individual devices. You still get to pick your own external accessories like a keyboard and mouse.

Operating System

Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 is the most used desktop operating system for home and business. If you’re used to using Windows 10, either at home or work, this may be your best option. Also, Windows 10 is supported on practically every computer.

If you request us to install Windows 10 Home or Pro on your computer, we will install a free unactivated edition. This will result in a static watermark in the corner of the screen, and you can’t directly change your wallpaper and color scheme. Running a free inactivated version of Windows 10 shouldn’t cause any problems, however, if you like you can purchase a license from Microsoft or an authorized retailer. We will be more than happy to assist in the purchasing and activating Windows.Learn more


macOS is Apple’s exclusive desktop operating system for their iMac, MacBook, and Mac Pro. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device and are blown away by the power of the Apple ecosystem, then macOS is a great option.Learn more


ChromeOS is Google’s operating system that runs on Chromebook laptops. Chromebooks are known for being super affordable and get the job done. However, the only app installed on a Chromebook is Google Chrome. It’s an affordable option if you work with web based apps like Netflix, online school, Google Docs, or paying the bills. Learn more

Linux Mint

As a device gets older, it’s going to start slowing down. Linux Mint is a free alternative to Windows 10 and even macOS. Linux Mint is a great option to provide better performance on older, low powered machines. Much like ChromeOS, Linux Mint is best for users who operate most of their work in a browser. Mint is also the perfect option for the privacy-conscious who don’t like Google peering over their shoulder. However, unlike ChromeOS, you can work outside of the browser and use local apps. This allows you to install apps like LibreOffice, a free Microsoft Office alternative. 

If you choose to upgrade to Linux Mini, Apple Guide will make a financial contribution to the continued development of this wonderful operating system.Learn more


Memory is most important for multitasking, like opening multiple Chrome tabs or maneuvering between multiple app windows at the same time. The more memory you have, the easier it is to multitask and complete high intensive tasks.

Recommended Memory Requirements:

  • ChromeOS & Linux Mint: 4GB
  • Windows & macOS: 8GB


The processor is the brain of your computer. So, how smart do you need your computer to be? You can look at the clock speed, the core count, transistors, and many other complected specs. At the end of the day, they are not the best representation of a CPU. To see if a processor is right for you, do an online search for it.


All of our computers come with a 128GB SSD. If you need more space you can upgrade your storage at checkout. 
Here’s a guide to how much storage you may need. If you focus on web-based apps like Google Docs, you should be good with 32GB to 128GB of storage. If you work locally with Microsoft Office, installing apps, or backing up your phone, you’re going to need a lot more storage. We recommend 256GB or more.


If you’re plugging anything into your computer, other than power, you need to pay attention to the computer’s port. This includes:

  • USB – external devices
  • Ethernet – direct internet connection
  • SD or microSD – camera cards
  • Thunderbolt – high-end external devices 
  • HDMI, VGA, DVI – External displayes
  • Headphone and microphone jack