What do you expect or want to see at at Apple’s September Special Event?

September is just around the corner and Apple’s product lines are a jumbled up mess. So which products do you think are being kicked to the curb?

The last surviving iPod, the iPod Touch, hasn’t been updated in years and is no longer even on the top of Apple’s website. Is it time to say goodbye to the product that brought Apple into the 21st century?

Will the aging style of the MacBook Air be replaced by something newer and better that aligns with Apple’s current MacBook product line that could also take the place of the Mac Mini? Speaking of the Mac Mini do you what are the chances that we can get some more information on the new Mac Pro? How well will this Mac Pro stack up to iMac Pro? With the release of new MacBook Pros this summer with quad-core processors and an i9 Intel Core will they still get an update?

What about the fate of the iPhone SE, will it be updated and replaced or just removed? With the release of a new iPhone will the iPhone 6s be kicked off the product line saying bye-bye to the last iPhone sold with the headphone jack. What those next iPhones look like OLED all the way? New color? Quicker? How well will these iPhone stack up to the recently released Samsung Galaxies? Wireless charging is in the air, but Apple’s AirPower isn’t. Well, what happened to it announced almost a year ago and we haven’t heard much since.

Then the Apple Watch will most likely be getting an upgrade to. What will come along with that? Better battery life? larger display? Faster processor?

There is just so so much to talk about and think about. If you want to read more about these rumors Click here to head over to MacRumors and check out all of the latest Apple gossip.

So as you can see above there is so much happening, but what will happen? This is the real question. Let me know below what you think or hope will happen during this special event.

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