What is Thunderbolt 3

Excerpt from USB-C v. Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt is a project developed by Intel Inc. With file transfer speeds at 40Gbps. With this speed, you are able to connect two 4K HDR displays and an external GPU. This makes Thunderbolt 3 ideal for large files like backing up your computer to external hard drives.
Other Thunderbolt 3 features include:
Single cable docking: Use one cable from a dock two your computer to transfer data and up to two 4K 60GHz displays.

  • 4K Video: Connect multiple displays with a 4K resolution for the ultimate gaming experience.
  • External Graphics (GPU): For portable computers like MacBooks the graphics cards are slow in order to conserve battery life and just for compatibility reasons. External GPU can speed up graphics for gaming and photo editing.
  • File Transfer: Connect multiple computers using target disk mode or external drives and get file transfer speeds up to 40Gbps.