What Makes the Apple TV Different?

Apple TV 4K

There are less expensive options out there compared to the Apple TV like the Roku product line, Amazon Fire, or Google’s Chromecast. Each of these brands offers affordable options in a smaller more portable HDMI stick that can do a lot of the same things. So what makes the more expensive Apple TV a better product? Well, you’re about to find out…

Accessible Storage

The 4th generation Apple TV gives you access to the internal storage with a choice of 32 GB or 64 GB. This means that you can download what you want (along with as you have space). With the 3rd generation Apple TVs and other tv boxes you are restricted by using apps that the manufacturer has either preinstalled or added through updates. Since you cannot manage the drive you’re forced to keep most of, if not all of the preinstalled applications, and you can’t get any more. So unlike less expensive options, you can download video content and apps and you’re not restricted by the system.


Other streaming boxes force you to have certain preinstalled apps that might not be completely what you are looking for or what you need and that’s why the 4th generation Apple TV is here. As Apple CEO Tim Cook stated during WWDC 2015 “We believe the future of TV is apps”. With accessible storage and an App Store you can now buy and download whatever app you want such as games or video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, there is an app for everyone available to everyone.


Like on iOS you can turn your Apple TV into a HomeKit control center allowing you to control your entire home from your TV thus making it easy to control your home from the most shared device in the home. You will no longer have to get off your couch to track down your phone or do it manually because now you can just ask Siri on your TV.


The new Apple TV is also becoming more like a gaming device. To try to take on game console creators like Crossy Road and Real Racing 3. you can even connect 3rd-party gaming remotes like the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller for a better gaming experience.


Bigger box bigger processor. The Apple TVs run on the same processors as your iOS devices. This is what makes all of your iOS apps and games run so buttery smooth on your TV. This type of speed is unlike any other tv streaming box.


If you are heavily invested in the Apple environment then the Apple TV is for you. With the Apple TV, you’re able to send any video or audio from your iPhone, iPad, or your supported Mac to the big screen or you can mirror your whole screen to the big screen.

So the extra dollars, in my opinion, is worth it for what it comes with. The speed and the App Store give you what you want compared to what you “need”.