Have you ever struggled with setting up your new Mac or wonder how to run windows on your Mac? Or maybe you have an iPhone that you would like to know how to take great photos and edit them all form your handheld device. That where Apple Guide comes in. Here at Apple Guide, we try to focus on the average user and not so much the pro user. We offer videos and step by step written directions to help every user so they can be able to use their Apple products to their fullest extent. We will also go further in depth to explain things for a better understanding and less confusion. We hope that you have a wonderful experience here. Your support is greatly appreciated please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments to a blog post or check out the Contact page.

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Hello, my name is Ralph Shepherd and I love Tech. Ever since I was little I remember using my parents original iMac G3 playing games like Nanosaur and Bugdom. During this time I would look over my father’s shoulders watching do everything from photo edit, browse the web, and so much more. I was in awe by everything you can do with a computer. This is what inspired me to learn more so I started clicking around and exploring the original versions of MacOS. Then iOS came around with the iPhone and two years later the iPad. These innovations in technology are what sparked my interest in the mobile tech world. Then my grandmother would get an iPad and that’s when I learned to love teaching others how to use their technology. As my experience grew I was inspired to create this site in an attempt to help everyone to use their technology to their fullest. That’s why this site is not only geared towards the pros, there are many sites for them. Here at Apple Guide, we want to show the average consumer how to do something new and explaining using pictures, videos, and articles for product reviews and how-tos that that matter to you. By coming back here regularly I hope to teach you something new that might make using your tech easier or just something cool that you may have missed.

I am currently enrolled in Guilford Technical Community College where I am working towards an Associates in Information Technology. While in school I have learned the following coding languages Python, Java, HTML, and CSS. I have also learned PC basics, network basics, and MacOS, Windows and Linux basics through TestOut.