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Have you ever struggled with setting up your new Mac or wonder how to run windows on your Mac. Or maybe you have and iPhone that you would like to know how to take great photos and edit them all from your handheld device. That where Apple Guide comes in. Here at Apple Guide we try to focus on the average user and not so much the pro user. We offer videos and step by step written directions with pictures to help every user so they can be able to use their Apple products to their fullest extent. We will also go further in depth to explain things for a better understanding and less confusion. We hope that you have a wonderful experience here. By reading an article a day you will be able to expand your knowledge of the device that you may use every day. Your support is greatly appreciated please feel free to contact me with your feedback using the Contact page. 



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What is a “Supplemental Post”?

A supplemental post is a part of a larger article. Some articles may go on and on, and although they are easy to navigate through some times you just want to read what you need to know and move on. That’s the purpose of a Supplemental post, to highlight important parts of other larger post.

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