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Every where we turn today we see a computer either at work, school, or home. Today there is noway to escape them, your even reading this now on a computer. This being the case you may find that you are unsure how to use any of these gadgets that seem to change every day. This doesn’t make you dumb or stupid, because you are not alone.

Here at Apple Guide we want focus on the average user, and not so much the pro user, to teach you something twice a week. Find product reviews, step by step how tos, iPhone, iPad, Mac learn through YouTube videos, articles here at AppleGuideWeb.com, or our podcast, it is guaranteed that you may learn something new. There are so many things that you can do with modern technology its just a matter of opening those doors, experiencing and learning them. Come back at any time to refresh your memory or to find an article that you might have missed.


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What is a “Supplemental Post”?

A supplemental post is a part of a larger article. Some articles may go on and on, and although they are easy to navigate through some times you just want to read what you need to know and move on. That’s the purpose of a Supplemental post, to highlight important parts of other larger post.

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