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Why Get a USB-C Hub instead of Adapter?

USB-C is commonly found on most computers and tablets sold today. It’s the port that can do it all HDMI, USB-A, SD, Micro SD, and wired internet. But to access all of these features you’re going to need some adapters. Or are you?

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What’s New in Messages with iOS 13

Memoji and Amimoji came out as a staple feature of the iPhone X. Since then it has continued being an exclusive feature of new iPhones that feature FaceID. In iOS 13 Memoji will be coming to all devices running iOS 13.

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Attention Mac Users: macOS Catalina is here

Is October 7, 2019, the day Apple has released their latest operating system update for your Mac. It’s called macOS Catalina. Click here to learn all the new features it brings and how to update.

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Too Many Streaming Services

The Office, Netflix’s most streamed TV series, is being pulled from their catalog. All Disney Studios including Pixar and Star Wars will be off their catalog shortly. Why?

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What’s iPadOS

If you have and love your an iPad then it’s time to get excited. Apple just announced iPadOS at WWDC. So, what is iPadOS?

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iOS 13: Best New Features

At Apple’s WWDC Apple announced iOS 13 the latest update to their mobile operating system that runs on iPhone and iPod Touch that will be released in the fall. Here’s a list of the most notable features.

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iTunes: No More

When you update your mac macOS Catalina this fall you will notice an app missing from your dock, iTunes. Here is how we go to this point and what comes next.

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Setting up iOS with an iPhone Xs Max

Setting up an iOS device can seem like a daunting task, but with the simple wizard and these directions, you can get through it!

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Amazon Echo Input + Speakers

Amazon’s Echo Input is the latest addition to the Echo family featuring their voice assistant Alexa. Released during this past Christmas season, the input is now the cheapest Echo on the market, replacing the Echo Dot, at $34.


AppleCare+: More Important Now Than Ever Before

Along with expensive components come a pricy phone. AppleCare+ may save you some cash during your next repair.