Apple Guide Talks: Ep 2 – iPad 2020 Lineup

Hello and welcome to the second episode of the Apple Guide Talks podcast. I’m your host Ralph Shepherd joined by my co-host, Eli Piper. This week we cover a designer who made $100,000 off of selling an iOS icon pack for customizing your home screen. Then, we move onto the iPad Air and figure out who it’s for and which iPad you should get. Then we end with should you upgrade your TV?

Making $100,000 By Selling Icons

Traf, a graphic designer, developed an icon pack to aid the customization options that came with the release of iOS 14. To jump into this craze he sold his icon pack for $28 each. It may sound a little expensive, but people bought into it. He made 100,000 off of selling his designs to users. What helped push it into the spotlight was a shout out from an MKBHD, in a video that has now been seen by over 6 million people.

iPad Air & The Whole iPad Line

In September Apple released an updated iPad Air and iPad 8th gen which joined the iPad Pro that was last updated in early 2020. Now the question is which of the three options is right for you?

Get a New TV

It’s shopping and console season. This month you have the release of a new Xbox, Playstation, and new graphics cards from Nvidia and new graphis and processors and CPUs from AMD. This month the gaming is going to the next level. All of these consoles and gaming PCs will support 4K HDR in 120Htz TV. Do you have one? If you don’t have a modern TV you may be leaving a lot of performance on the table.

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