Covering the Cost of Expensive iPhone

There have been some recent developments in the production of iPhones. Apple’s stock price has been diving after a report that Apple is no longer selling as many iPhones as the market would like, but this is all speculation since Apple is no longer releasing the total of iPhones have sold during their quarterly reports. At the same time, they are raising the cost of iPhones to make up for falling sales. This is good for them but may not be so great for you the consumer who doesn’t think that an iPhone XS is worth $1000.

Why is Apple Selling Less iPhones

There could be many reasons for this so let’s go over a few. Back when the smartphone first came out, people would upgrade their phone every two years and maybe lease the phone from their cell phone carrier, but with iPhones being supported longer and lasting longer it doesn’t make sense financially to upgrade. You also have to take into account the limited changes. If you compare the specs between the first iPhone to the iPhone 3G you will find a huge difference. That trend continued for many years until around the release of the iPhone 6, in my opinion. After the iPhone 6, there hasn’t been real innovation to the design of both iOS or the phone in general. The only thing that Apple has done really well is its A-series processor that powers the iPhone because those get better every year. For those of you who use your iPhone to make calls, send texts, scroll through Facebook you may not care to upgrade every two years because hey it still works and that’s all you need, but for some, they feel the need to upgrade more often because they want that new beautiful iPhone and the latest speed improvements that come with it, but at the same time may be afraid of the cost. For you there may be another plan…

Alternative Payment Plan

Look into getting Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program. Your monthly price depends on which iPhone you are looking into purchasing‚Äč.
iPhone Monthly Lease (as of 2018)

iPhone Monthly Lease (as of 2018)

Included in the monthly charge is AppleCare+ coverage, guarantee that it works with your carrier, then after a year of being on the payment plan, you can trade in your phone for the latest iPhone. So for example, if you are looking into purchasing a 64GB iPhone Xs then your monthly price will be $49.91. After 12 months of paying you will have spent a total of $598.92. With an original cost is $999 you would save a total of $400 and be ready to trade in your current model for a new one.
You can join on Apple’s website by clicking on “Apple iPhone Upgrade Program” as a form of payment, or you can do it in an Apple Store. This is all of course based on credit approval.
When it is time to trade in your phone for a new one make sure that your current phone and/or all of your local data is either backed up or is saving to a cloud service such as iCloud.
If you choose not to upgrade even if your eligible to do so you can continue to pay your current lease. After 24 months or two years, you will have paid the full balance of your phone and it will then be yours and the monthly charges will end.

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Disclamer: Some of the things talked about here are subject to change based on Apple’s terms. Please do not fully rely on the information here. Use the link above or contact Apple to ensure that no changes have been made. Thank You!