Too Many Streaming Services

The Office, Netflix’s most-streamed TV series, is being pulled from their catalog in 2021. All Disney Studios including Pixar and Star Wars will be off their catalog shortly. Why?

The big four, Fox, CBS, NBC, and Disney have been pulling their content slowly for a long time in favor of their own streaming services.

Currently, when one of these creates channels creates a show or movie they lease it to streaming services like Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Video. When the lease ends they have the option to renew it as long as the rights owners are still willing and the streaming service still sees it worth the money. This is while shows come and go from most streaming services.

Instead of having to deal with lease, these channels have chosen to take a more personal relationship with consumers by offing their own streaming services featuring their own content. This is why most streaming services have made the push to original content because they know if the cable channels keep up they will lose most of their content. A prime example of this is Netflix who started with their original content early getting users hooked on shows like Stranger Things. If you’re fixed on a Netflix original would you consider keeping your subscription?

So what other services are there?

Disney and Fox

If you haven’t already heard Disney purchased Fox Entertainment for $71 billion. This means all of your favorite Fox shows are now Disney shows.

All of your favorite child-friendly shows can be streamed on Disney’s Disney+ service which is planned to be released by the end of 2019. Disney+ is already set to feature the whole Star Wars franchise, Marvel Franchise, National Geographic, Pixar, and the whole Disney archive of original movies and tv shows that have ever and will ever be made. All of this for only $7.99 a month which is already cheaper than Netflix.

Hulu>, released in 2007 is a joint venture between all the big names, Warner, Fox, NBC, and later Disney buying a percentage. Within the past year it has been consolidated, Disney now owns Fox’s portion, Warner (now owned by AT&T) sold its stake, and NBC is quietly still in. What began as a place for all the channels to dump their content has become Disney’s for the taking.

With Hulu in Disney’s hands, they plan on hosing all of their adult-oriented content like Family Guy and Daredevil. Hulu also costs $7.99 a month with commercials and $11.99 a month with limited commercials.

Both of these streaming services feature original content.


CBS viewers can subscribe to CBS All Access for $5.99 with commercials and $9.99 with no commercials. With CBS All Access you can stream your favorite CBS shows from today and classics from the past along with some originals.

Upcoming Services that we don’t know about

We know that both NBC Universal and AT&T’s Warrner are planning on making streaming services for their content but not much is known about those projects yet.

All the other streaming services shouldn’t change much. HBO might be affected by the Warner service but not much is known as of now.

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