What is iOS 11 Quick Setup

Quick Setup or Automatic Setup can make setting up a new or recently restored iOS device easier and quicker by automatically copying most if not all of your settings from a previous device that is already set up to a new or recently restored device.
To do this you will need two iOS devices including your new or recently restored iOS device and an iOS device that is already set up. For better directions, I will refer to them as:

    • Device 1: This would be your iOS device that is already setup
    • Device 2: This would be the device that needs to be set up because it was either recently purchased or restored.



1. Unlock both devices.
2. Start the setup process on Device 2
3. Look at Device 1. There should be a popup at the bottom of your screen that says “Set Up New iPhone/iPad”. Click continue on that popup.
4. Authenticate on Device 1.
5. Appearing on Device 2 will be a unique bubble that you need to scan using Device 2.
6. Enter your password setup on Device 1.
7. Now your data and some settings should be coping over to Device 2.

This should take some time depending settings and data that are needed to be copied and your internet speeds. While this process is being completed keep both of your device’s side by side to avoid them from being disconnected. Once completed Device 2 is ready to use.

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