Why?: Don’t Trash Your Old Apple Product

Everyone knows that anytime you purchase a product the value drops and it will continue to drop as time passes until it becomes worthless. But that’s not always the case. In some cases like certain sports cars and items of historical significance, they could increase in value. If you have read this far, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with your classic Macintosh or your original iPhone that is sitting on your shelf collecting dust. Well, the same idea applies to your favorite vintage Apple products.

Average vs. Above Average

Average vs. Above Average Graphic

Let’s face it, Apple makes some of the most beautiful technology products on the market compared to the basic Microsoft Windows ecosystem. Windows computers are cheaply made using plastics and usually purchased in bulk by schools and businesses and for individuals to use for an inexpensive solution making them easy to come by.  So when purchasing a windows computer the chances are that the value will continue going down until it becomes worthless and you can just throw it away or recycle. 

On the other hand, when you buy an Apple product it’s most likely that the price will at some point in time increase in value. 

Why is this you may ask? This is because Apple is and has always been known for making beautiful, new, and revolutionary devices that blow the competition away making other technology companies work even harder to attempt to catch up to Apple’s superior quality. 

So what do I do with my old Mac?

This is the hard part. 

Owning high-value Apple products for pleasure is ok especially if you have the finances but for businesses, it’s a whole other level.

Owning an Apple product for business is a very smart choice due to the fact that viruses are less common than with Windows products, they are easier to use and made more solid.

Unless you have the storage space, keeping your outdated Apple computers once you’ve upgraded may not be an option unless you own a museum or can make the space to store them safely.  Any damage to the computer could significantly lower the value of the product.

Think of it as owning shares of a stock exchange. One day you buy a couple of shares at $5.00 per share. Then the next day the value drops to $3.00 per share. Do you sell or do wait and see what happens next? The same risk applies to buy and sell your used Apple products.

Knowing the value of your used Apple product for re-sell.

In order to know what to price your Apple product, you have to know what you have. To figure this out you will the model number which can be found printed in different places on the outside of every product line.

Once you have found this information enter the model number in the Google search bar. From there you will be able to figure out the name/model of your computer in which you can then enter that information into Google. EveryMac.com, wikipedia.com, and the iOS and macOS app MacTracker can be downloaded from their website mactracker.ca are great places to find the information that you need. These sites should be able to provide your devices whole history along with the original prices and configurations options.

Now that you know what you have you can figure out how to price it. If you are selling a Mac EveryMac.com can tell you your suggested resell value. For everything else check sites like eBay.com or your local craigslist.com to see what other people are selling it at. But you have to be careful because people will be willing to pay only so much for it. I can’t find what you are looking for ask me by emailing me using the form below.


Over time vintage Apple products have gone up in value. For example on December 13, 2014, an Apple I  was sold at auction for $365,000. This was the first Apple computer ever created and was built in 1976 in Jobs’ basement. Only about 200 were made making them very rare giving them a higher value. Another example is the clamshell iBooks originally released in 1999 originally for $1599 still can be sold on eBay for $200 or more in 2017.

And there you go! So if you take anything away from reading this think twice before taking all of your old Apple products to the dump. One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. So it will not hurt to try to make some money off of it. Still have questions shoot me an email using the form below.

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