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Upcoming Updates | WWDC 2021 Playlist

Yesterday Apple announced their latest updates to iOS, AirPods, iPadOS, watchOS, & macOS. In addition to updates to home, privacy, and iCloud Subscriptions. Here’s everyhting that’s new and my thoughts.

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New Updates from Apple

On Monday Apple released new updates for iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS. Here’s how to update, some highlight features, and more resources!

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Apple 2021 Spring Loaded Event Rundown

Follow @AppleGuideWeb on Twitter for the latest updates! Today Apple had its spring Apple Event. Here’s what they announced: #AppleEvent The #Podcast app is getting a redesign with the addition of channels and podcast #subscriptions to support #creators. #Apple Event Apple Newsroom: You can now share your #AppleCard with a family member and […]

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Apple Special Event 2020 Rundown

#AppleEvent Rundown: -Apple Watch Series 6 -Apple Watch SE -8th Gen iPad (2020) -iPad Air -Apple One -Fitness+ Rundown —Apple Watch SE $279— “Apple Watch SE combines elements of the Series 6 design with the most essential features of Apple Watch, all at a more affordable price”-Jeff Williams Apple’s COO Check it out: —Apple […]

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Who Can See Your Location in iOS 13

The ability of an app to use your location helps the app provide data that is relevant for where you are is powerful but also poses a security risk. Here’s what iOS 13 is doing to protect you.

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Reminders in iOS 13

With iOS 13 comes a complete overhaul of Apple’s Reminders app for creating To-Do lists. The new update makes the app so elegant and simple to use. Read and find out for yourself!

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Too Many Streaming Services

The Office, Netflix’s most streamed TV series, is being pulled from their catalog. All Disney Studios including Pixar and Star Wars will be off their catalog shortly. Why?

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Future of Apps on MacOS

In the fall look forward to all of the new apps that will be availability through the Mac App Store. Read here to learn how we got to this point of the expanding aviability of Apps on the Mac

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Best Portable Charger of 2019: Aukey Edition

Let’s face it our phone batteries don’t like Apple advertise. Aukey’s PB-Y14and​n PB-XN10 may be a good portable charger solution to give you some extra juice while you’re on the go!

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iOS 13: Best New Features

At Apple’s WWDC Apple announced iOS 13 the latest update to their mobile operating system that runs on iPhone and iPod Touch that will be released in the fall. Here’s a list of the most notable features.