How to Back Up Your iOS Device’s Data

All of your data contacts, calendar, files, and so so much more on your phone can be so precious and with a large smash all of your iPhone all of your data could be gone. Protect your data by backing it up to an other place. Click to see some of your options.

How to Backup your Photos on your iOS device

Images may be some of the most treasured files on your iDevice, but they and also take up a lot of your precious storage. In addition to that what if you, by accident, smash your iPhone and all of your pictures are gone. Be prepared and backup your phone to another location for extra percussion.

Wireless Charging Pad

Excerpt from: "Guide to Wireless Charging" Wireless Charging Pad Weather your receiver is built into your phone or a receiver pad plugged into the lightning port you will need a wireless charging pad. This pad sends power to the receiver in or connected to your phone. If your phone supports fast wireless charging check to … Continue reading Wireless Charging Pad

Dell OptiPlex 930 Review

If you have read Tuesday's story then you know I purchased a used computer that was in pieces. Now that I have it together it's time fro the review. Little 7 year old computer have in store for me, and how well does it stack up to today's tech.

Wireless Charging with Cases

Are you interested in wireless charging but don't have a phone that supports it, nor do you want a receiver that hangs off the back of your phone? Then try out a wireless charging case. All of the tech is built in.

A Cheep Used Computer

I have had my 500GB MacBook Pro for almost a year and it't filling up quickly, and it't time too offload some files. But to where? That's how and why I got a new, but used, computer.

Wireless Charging Receiver

Wireless is the way of the future. Lots of today's technology especially the mobile market is coming out with wireless charging options. Is there a way to bring this new technology to yesterday's old technology? YES!

Video: How to Change your Wallpaper on iOS

Since iOS 4 you have been able to customize both your lock screen and home screen on your iDevice with your own custom image. Click to learn how to do it on your iDevice...