How to Back Up Your iOS Device’s Data

All of your data contacts, calendar, files, and so so much more on your phone can be so precious and with a large smash all of your iPhone all of your data could be gone. Protect your data by backing it up to an other place. Click to see some of your options.

Wireless Charging Pad

Excerpt from: "Guide to Wireless Charging" Wireless Charging Pad Weather your receiver is built into your phone or a receiver pad plugged into the lightning port you will need a wireless charging pad. This pad sends power to the receiver in or connected to your phone. If your phone supports fast wireless charging check to … Continue reading Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging with Cases

Are you interested in wireless charging but don't have a phone that supports it, nor do you want a receiver that hangs off the back of your phone? Then try out a wireless charging case. All of the tech is built in.

CDs and DVDs Today

Today CDs and DVDs seem to be on the decline. All Macs no longer ship with a superdrive, Windows PC are starting to pick up on the trend to. So what happened? Although today how often do you find your self using a CD or DVD? Now they have all been replaced by online streaming services. There are endless possibilities to buy an find the content that you want to watch online so why get a physical copy?

How are You Identified Online

Internet protocol, or IP, is an identification number, a form of label for your computer.  Your computer is assigned a local and public IP which can either be static or dynamic. All of these words are described below...

Access Points: Wired Solutions

From your ISP to your modem. What is the most reliable method for connecting your computers? Ethernet. But it is much more than that there are powerline networks, ethernet hubs, and gateways. Click to learn about these wired internet solutions...

Access Point: Wireless Router

From your ISP to your modem. Then where? How about your wireless router. With a wireless router you can give all fo your network enabled devices internet no wires needed. Click to learn about this wireless solution...

Internet Access Points

From your ISP to your modem. That's only one port for your whole home of many network enabled devices, some of which will not be able to access the ethernet port like a mobile phone or tablet. So how do you solve this problem? How do you give all of your wired and wireless enabled devices access to your home internet? Click to learn some solutions to this problem...


Which wire do you use to connect all of your wire enabled network devices? That's the ethernet cable. This is the cable you use to connect your modem to your router and router to your computer.