Your Mac holds your most treasured photos and documentsYour Mac holds your most treasured photos and important documents! That’s why it’s critical to create another copy of your data, so if something happens to your Mac, it won’t be the end of the world. Let me show you how to set up your Time Machine.

Lose Your Phone, But DON’T Lose your DATA

Our lives run on our iPhone. What would happen to your data if you lost your phone, or maybe one day it just didn’t turn on? One day this will happen so be prepared and know how to keep your data safe.

New With iOS 12: Screen Time

iOS 12 is coming this fall with the addition of Screen Time which is Apple’s atempt to tackle cell phone addaction. With these feature you can limit your app usage to keep your addiction under control.

How to Back Up Your iOS Device’s Data

All of your data contacts, calendar, files, and so so much more on your phone can be so precious and with a large smash all of your iPhone all of your data could be gone. Protect your data by backing it up to an other place. Click to see some of your options.

How to Backup your Photos on your iOS device

Its important to backup all of your data on your iPad and iPhone. If something happens to your iOS device whether you lose it at sea or drop it and it shatters into a million pieces you have important stuff on your mobile devices that you don’t want to lose. So here are the top methods for backing up your data.