macOS Mojave: Stacks

This is an excerpt from “macOS Mojave: Desktop and Finder”


macOS Mojave: Desktop Stacks

Your desktop may be one of the easiest places to access. When you move your windows out of the way there it is, when you look Finder there it is on the sidebar. That being said this also the place that you save all of your files for easy access. That means that you will have a lot of files on your desktop that are messy and unorganized and take up a lot of space. You could sort your desktop but then they will still be taking up area. To solve this you can use the new stacks feature of your desktop. To enable this right-click on your desktop and toggle on “Use Stacks” then right-click again and check out the “Group Stacks By” submenu and choose an option. This will group files together that follow the certain specification that you chose from that list.