All of these are all connected but how? No other than with an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are commonly used to connect computers and network enabled devices to the internet. Ethernet cables just pass along the signal and you can see what I mean by that when you read through the sections above. These cables can come in different lengths and colors making them very customizable for you the user.

Ethernet cables are categorized, or in ethernet terms Cat, as Cat5, Cat6, Cat7.
Etherent Categories
If you look at the table above you can see all of the different categories of ethernet. Out of the list which one is best? I would recommend using either Cat6 or Cat6a. Cat6 is great because it offers 1Gbps speeds with a high 250MHz bandwidth, Cat6a, on the other hand, offers a larger 10Gbps and 500MHz. Cat5e would also be a great choice offering the same speed as Cat6 although with a reduced bandwidth of 100MHz. Cat3 and Cat5 are practically useless in today’s world of massive file sizes. The last option of Cat7 is great featuring 10Gbps like Cat6a and a even higher bandwidth of 600GHz.

Table: Digital Trends: “Still need the reliability of wired internet? Here’s how to choose an Ethernet cable” 

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