How to Use Apple Pay

Excerpt from “Apple Pay the Future of Paying”

Using Apple Pay


You can only pay in-store using your iPhone or Apple Watch. To pay with Apple Pay on your iPhone open Wallet. On your iPhone, this can be done by opening it from the home screen, triple-clicking the home button from the lock screen, or by adding the Wallet shortcut to the control center in iOS 11 and up. Select your card, authenticate using either TouchID or FaceID. Now tap the payment terminal.

In-App or Online

You can purchase anything online or in apps on iPhone, iPad, and macOS. To pay online or in an app with Apple Pay look for one of the following buttons:

Once you tap on the one you will get a “receipt like” pop up. You can tap on your card to show a list of your Apple Pay cards and change your payment method. Once you have selected your card to authenticate using either TouchID or FaceID.

Help!! I lost my iPhone

Have no fear. If you lose whatever device you have set up Apple Pay you can easily remotely deactivate it. To do so, go to and sign in. If you have two-factor authentication enabled you can use the Apple Pay button underneath the code field, from there you can select the devices that you would like to deactivate Apple Pay on, or you can go to Find my iPhone and place your device in lost mode by clicking on Actions. By placing your device in the lost mode it also deactivates your cards associated with Apple Pay.

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