Kindle Fire HD 10 Review

When you think of a tablet which one comes to mind? Now, what if I told you there may be another? This is Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD 10. Released in 2017 this Android tablet may surprise you just as it did me.

Review: Anker USB-C 2-in-1 Card Reader

Small, compact, portable, awkward, rectangular are some ways to describe this Anker 2-in-1 USB-C card reader for SD and mini SD cards for all devices with a USB-C port. How well does it work and how well does it look? Find out here…

Dell OptiPlex 930 Review

If you have read Tuesday’s story then you know I purchased a used computer that was in pieces. Now that I have it together it’s time for the review. Little 7 years old computer has in store for me, and how well does it stack up to today’s tech.