Discovering Control Center’s Hidden Secrets

Control Center is an easy way to access important settings and features like your WiFi, screen brightness, volume, and music. So, let’s look at everything Control Center can do, discover it’s hidden secrets, and learn how to customize it to your liking.

Do Not Disturb During Bedtime

Now with iOS 12, we get another Do Not Disturb option, Bedtime which will dim your lock screen, silence and hide notifications, only a single notification will appear explaining reminding you that you have this feature enabled. Click to learn more.

Do Not Disturb on iOS

There is always a need for quiet time, without the distraction of constant notifications. This is where Do Not Disturb comes to the rescue. You want that peaceful time just toggle it on or set it to a schedule. When do not disturb is enabled a crescent moon will appear in the top right alongside other status icons.